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  Reference Design Suite for GigE Connectivity Solution

GigE-Connect™ RDS is a full reference design suite enabling GigE connectivity for embedded designs. It is based on GigaLinx's high performance IP engine implemented on FPGA as well as a complete PC-side solution, including BroadLinx™ filter driver and TurboLinx™ high performance device driver.
  • Enables customer to have full control over this critical core technology
  • Allows customer full flexibility / application specific customization
  • Reduces development time and cost
  • Reduces manufacturing cost
  • Easily interfaces existing camera designs
Suite Content:
  • PC:
  • BroadLinx™, TurboLinx™ and GigaCam installations
  • Software source code for BroadLinx™, TurboLinx™ and GigaCam
  • Documentation
  • Electronic board:
  • Electrical schematics (Orcad format and PDF)
  • PCB layout guidelines
  • PCB layout files (Allegro *.brd, Gerbers *.gbr)
  • Full product BOM (*.xls, *.txt)
  • Board assembly instructions
  • FPGA:
  • FPGA source code
  • FPGA test benches for simulation
  • Documentation
  • Micro-controller:
  • Firmware source code (ANSI C)
  • Documentation
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