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  GigE-Connect™ EM2-1000 IP Engine

          In-camera Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity OEM Board
GigaLinx’s GigE-Connect™ EM2-1000 in-camera IP engine enables the integration of high-performance Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) into industrial cameras in a quick, simple and cost effective manner. For Product Brief click here (PDF).

Key features:

The EM2-1000 provides numerous beneficial features that make it stand out from all other commercially available GigE solutions:
  • Smallest footprint: 40.5mm X 55mm 
  • §Lowest power consumption: 1.8W at full streaming
  • §Available as full-source-code reference design (GigE-Connect™ RDS)
  • §Over 950Mb/s NET video bandwidth
  • §Provides power supplies for CCD/CMOS sensors
  • § Full camera solution with only two boards
  • § Full compliance with both GigE Vision and GenICam standards
  • § Bundled with GigE-Connect™ SDK for rapid development
  • § Low cost
  • § Six optically isolated input/output signals



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